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Natela Dzuliashvili has been an Actor, Director and Acting Coach for the past 30 years. Her revolutionary acting techniques created successful actors around the world - USA, Canada, UK, France, South Africa, Australia...

Graduate of Russia’s prestigious Yaroslavl State Theatrical Institute, Natela is a highly sought after Master Acting Coach who has taught acting in universities in South Africa and Australia, and worked for Warner Brothers. Her renowned Acting Techniques are based on a combination of Stanislavsky Method Acting and Michael Chekhov Acting Technique.

Natela has trained many actors to become acclaimed performers on stage and screen. She inspires her students to go above and beyond their ambitions. Natela is committed to help you to become the actor you know you can be.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

“Natela is an excellent teacher, specializing in the Russian school of acting, notably the important acting techniques of Konstantin Stanislavsky. She works with great honesty, integrity, and is an inspirational teacher.”

    - Tony Knight, Head of Acting (2003) National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)



“Natela’s acting classes give me the tools to work on many levels to build a character: intellectually and emotionally, strategically and viscerally. It is a great relief to have an acting teacher who knows the difference between the Stanislavski’s original ‘System’ for acting and what it developed into with ‘The Method’ acting. And beyond that to have a coherent way of allowing you to access the sublime states of Michael Chekhov’s technique.

Natela is an excellent acting teacher, with a genuine connection into the actual origins of the theory and craft as it was developed in Russia under Konstantin Stanislavski and Michael Chekhov. Studying with her is both a profoundly grounding and illuminating experience. Don’t miss the opportunity!”

   - Richard James Allen, Multi-award winning Filmmaker, Actor, Producer, Director

“Hi Natela!!! I wanted to see you! You needed to know in person and I wanted to give you lots of hugs and kisses and flowers! Hahahah I GOT IN!!!…  I love you I really couldn’t have done it without you… Thinking of you always I’m loving drama school so so so much I’m so thankful for all your commitment and energy to helping me get on my way… “


    - Camila Ponte-Alvarez, WAAPA Acting Student

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