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Nicole Shostak
Actress - (Home and Away, Heidi, No Appointment Necessary, Devil's Playground, Project A.B.C.)

“Hi Natela, Yes! Was offered places at VCA, QUT, Actors Centre and WAAPA. So WAAPA is it! Thank you so much for your wonderful help.”

Ritchie Singer
Actor - (Dynasty 'Behind the Scenes', Home and Away, The Man Who Sued  God, Charlie's Country, Rapture-Palooza, Crownies, A Place to Call Home, Crocodile Dundee)

“In just six weeks, Natela’s course and her no fuss, direct approach, gave me the tools and the confidence to power through a gruelling audition process and score a lead role in the upcoming US Telemovie of the week:- Dynasty (Behind the Scenes). I would highly recommend any of her courses to all actors – either amateur or professional, beginner or experienced. No one teaches Stanislavski like this Lady can!”

Andy Trieu
SBS PopAsia host

“Natela Dzuliashvili is an amazing acting teacher. I recently took on Stanislavski class and the best way I can describe it is being combination of inspiration, creativity, technique drilling, and most of all loads of fun! Just some of the things you can expect in the 2-3 hour intensive class.
What I enjoyed the most about the course is that it had a strong focus in the practicality aspect of acting. As Natela said back in the Moscow Theatre actors learn by doing. The class was very active and had a focus on the importance of improvisation. Improvisation gives you the spontaneous moments in the scene, something that is born in that moment that can never be repeated. When you are asked to repeat something or do another take, they are expecting something of the same quality. I would highly recommend her classes.”

Stef Dawson
Actress - (The Hunger Games, Rage of Innocence, The Lennon Report, Greedmoria)

“Natela!!! Just heard… My tape is being sent straight to JJ Abrams himself!!! They loved me! Sending my reel too. It is crazy quick to hear so soon so very good sign! Thank you again! You were fantastic to work with, so grateful.”

Oz Malik
Actor - (Starring in "I Wanna Be Yours", Melbourne Theatre Company Season 2023)

“My one on one classes with Natela Dzuliashvili have provided me with acting skills and abilities that have taken my craft to the next level. Her enthusiasm and wisdom in acting has motivated me unlike any other acting institution I’ve been involved in. I wouldn't want to be taught by anyone else.

I have always been deeply interested in becoming a professional actor. However, after many years of being around acting schools and workshops around Melbourne, I didn't really feel like I had a holistic acting skill set. Once I started working with Natela, I realised what acting is about and started to create an effective technique,  everything from the early stages of receiving a script to performing in a scene. 
Natela is a wonderful teacher, she is patient and kind and she will go at your own pace but make sure you get to where you need on your journey.
Natela's experience, skillset and history of acting make her classes not only enjoyable but a masterclass. She has answers to all those questions that one has from ' what happens on set ' to ' how to play this role' . She is truly one of the finest teachers I've come across and I’ve seen my acting improve significantly. 

Since my journey with Natela I've gone from short films and student projects to working on films and theatre projects with big industry names such as  Screen Australia, Princess Pictures, Regional Arts Victoria and Melbourne Theatre Company.

By attending Natela’s classes I've gained a solid foundation of the craft,  confidence to attend auditions and perform both on set and stage. If you are someone who is looking for a teacher you can trust, enjoy classes with and gain effective knowledge and skills in acting, then Natela is the teacher for you.

Aubri Ibrag
Actress - (Starring in Netflix's "Dive Club" and "The Buccaneers" TV Series)

"Hello Natela, just wanted to update you, as I have filmed the scenes and just received them. Overall the filming day went okay. I've sent my scenes to the agents and will be meeting with 2 of them later in the week. Exciting!
You've showed that acting is a logical process rather than a hit or miss. And I will be contacting you for further help in future auditions!"

Clayton Moss
Actor - (Dealing with Destiny)

“Dear Natela! I want to thank you for teaching Michael Chekhov’s Acting Technique to me. I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson I had with you. In fact I have never felt so inspired! It’s as if I have grown my own set of wings! I love the way you teach, you encourage everyone in class, and I find your positive can-do attitude to be your strength. You know your stuff! Chekhov is a must for any experienced Actor without a doubt.
I can strongly recommend your Mechanics of Emotion, Presence and Charisma course to any actor who is passionate about their craft as I am. Michael Chekhov’s Acting Technique is the most readily available, harmonious and creative method there is. I cannot thank you enough for teaching it to me!
I've just finished shooting a guest role for 2 episodes on All Saints. After that I’m gearing up for shooting a pilot as one of the main roles for a new teleseries entitled ‘The Pub’. Then I have another guest role on a series thats currently in production called ‘Rock Chikz’, and then I have another role for a feature film called ‘Toolies’…
So yeah, really busy! I’m bragging, I know, but I thought you’d like to know that for some of the more intense castings I did use Chekhov, it made it a lot easier to focus on the job. I’m excited for the future and I feel more focused and determined.”

Laura Colquhoun
Actress - (Abaddon, Feud, The Remake, The Mysfits)

“Best acting teacher I’ve met over the course 14 years of acting and having been to 5 continents. Natela’s classes are the best classes I have ever attended. I wish I were in Sydney. On the plus side, I’m in LA and my career is going well. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Natela. I’m not just saying that – I seriously wish I could study with Natela here in LA.”

Kelly Ann Doll
Actress, Burlesque Dancer - (Miss Burlesque NSW Winner, Miss Burlesque Victoria Winner)

“I’m doing really well! Came back from Melbourne a few weeks ago starring in a comedy called Dark Angels… Hope to start the monologue class. All your classes have helped me achieve the confidence to do what I am doing now…”

Clariza Vicente Filipowski
Actress - (Deadly Women, Old School, Tiger Cops)

“Hi Natela, first of all I wanted to say a BIG thank you for your assistance and being a great teacher and I definitely made the best decision in coming to your classes. I have done plenty of acting classes and nothing compares to your teaching, it is very simple, fun and very easy to apply and it definitely cater for all skill levels. In also saying that I found that your classes has given me more tools up my sleeve that I can pull out at anytime and apply to any audition. I have achieved so much in such a short amount of time.
Thanks to your coaching and support I got a scholarship to study in New York! I owe part of this achievement to you and you should be very proud.
I would recommend your classes to all aspiring actors out there and anyone else, and it is certainly not goodbye from me yet because I will be seeing you at your next course. Thank you very much and keep up the great work!!”

David Phillips
Actor - (Deadly Women, Dark Minds, Behind Mansion Walls)

“Hi Natela, I have just been offered a 3 year contract with ‘Iconic Productions’ the US company who own the History shows that I have been performing in and with offices in LA, London and Asia. I am the first Australian actor with ‘Iconic’ who has scored 15+ 5-Star Gold Reviews for the historic shows and hence there willingness to offer me the extended 3 year contract which now opens my opportunities up to overseas shows as well.
Sincerely hoping that 2017 is to be a big year for me and promise you will be the first to hear any major updates. In the meantime though I can only repeat the following: I would not have achieved or be anywhere near to where I am as a professional actor today, if it were not for the one and only Natela Dzuliashvili.”

Camila Ponte-Alvarez
WAAPA Acting Graduate

“Hi Natela!!! I wanted to see you! You needed to know in person and I wanted to give you lots of hugs and kisses and flowers! Hahahah I GOT IN!!!…
I love you I really couldn’t have done it without you… Thinking of you always I’m loving drama school so so so much I’m so thankful for all your commitment and energy to helping me get on my way… “

Clare Griggs
Actress - (Neighbours, Deadly Women, Wait for Me in Sydney, Nameless: Blood and Chains)

“Natela’s course was unlike any other classes which I attended in Sydney. I got the greatest understanding about the true nature of acting. I have learnt a lot. It brought together all the training I’ve done before and gave me a way to connect all my knowledge and apply it to my work. It’s a course which one should do several times…”

Preity Upala
Actress - (The Vampire Diaries, Home and Away, Neighbours, Broken Necklace, Pink Slip)

“Dear Natela, I just wanted to say thank you for your guidance and coaching in both the 2 courses that I did with you. They have made me the actor that I am today. I soaked up all the inspiration and strength from you and that had added another dimension to my acting as well. I enjoyed particularly the Chekov course, I continuously use the principles in most of my auditions nowadays and they never fail me!”

Matt Scaletti
Actor - (Interfacing)

“Hi Natela! Wanted to thank you for yesterdays class! It was one of the best I’ve ever had in my acting experience. I’m really enjoying Michael Chekhov Acting Technique workshop, the people and my performances.”

Helena Telford
Actress - (Damaged)

“Hi Natela, I can’t thank you enough for this weekend, I feel empowered as an actor and woman. I will be recommending you to everyone, you are a fabulous teacher and beautiful person inside and out. So happy to be working with you again soon.”

Izaak Love
Actor - (Better Homes and Onions, Kick Ons, Sunset People)

“Natela’s Stanislavsky class is a great foundation class for an actor, she has such an in depth knowledge of the Method and knowing it’s true origins and methodology studying it in Russia herself, I gained a great understanding of the great Stanislavski Method and have never forgot it. The Michael Chekhov class is groundbreaking, for me it completely changed the whole way of approaching a character & a role. It was really the class that changed everything for me, the Technique completely compliments Stanislavski and the two go together beautifully.
Natela teaches in a gentle manner but with great passion and love for the craft. I would highly recommend her and all the classes.”


Richard James Allen
Multi-award winning filmmaker - Actor, Producer, Director, Choreographer.

“Natela’s classes give me the tools to work on many levels to build a character: intellectually and emotionally, strategically and viscerally. It is a great relief to have an acting teacher who knows the difference between the Stanislavski’s original ‘System’ for acting and what it developed into with ‘The Method’ acting. And beyond that to have a coherent way of allowing you to access the sublime states of Michael Chekhov’s technique.
Natela is an excellent acting teacher, with a genuine connection into the actual origins of the theory and craft as it was developed in Russia under Konstantin Stanislavski and Michael Chekhov. Studying with her is both a profoundly grounding and illuminating experience. Don’t miss the opportunity!”

Olga Marcovic
Actress - ( Deadly Women, Skin Deep, Love You Krishna, The System)

“Hi Natela. Thank you so much for such a great course. It was so inspiring to me and has developed a thirst for the Chekhov technique even more…. I am impressed with the ease in which everything is done, and it taps into a deeper artistic side of me that i really want to explore. Hope to see you and work with you again soon. “

Jeff Mesina
Actor, Improvisation Teacher

“Hi Natela! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything that you’ve taught me over the last…1, 2, 3…9 years! You’ve awaken acting as a creative outlet for me to express myself and it has positively affected so many areas of my life. I’ve been on various stages in the last year doing improv shows and often get comments on my level of commitment, focus and emotion which I attribute to you and your brilliant teaching.
I’ve also been cast for a small role in a six-episode web series that begins shooting this Sunday. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you and hope to see you again soon. Much love! Jeff”

Jeannie Gee
Actress - (Deadly Women)

“Many thanks Natela… I feel I have gained much by participating in your class and I look forward to using the amazing tools that you shared with us. Your reputation for being one the finest acting teachers in Sydney is well deserved and, it was also a bonus to work with a talented group of actors who were so generous of spirit.”

Steve Hart
Media Presenter / Journalist / Entertainer - (Seven Network, Channel 10, The All Stars Rock Band)

“I came to Natela looking for short-term help for an audition I had for a major role in the musical Jekyll and Hyde and left with so much more. In a very short time Natela got straight to the point and gave me some simple but powerful tools that took me from acting the character to actually being the character. It was amazing and as a result my audition really allowed me to forget about me and just be the character. And guess what I got the gig!!”

Veronica Clavijo
Actress - (Deadly Women, Spotlight, Model Madness)

“Thanks so much Natela! Just thought I’d tell you also I auditioned for a short film in December and they called to tell me they didn’t have a role for me but loved my audition and thought it was amazing! I did my Sonya monologue, so thank you again for everything it’s all paying off :)”


Anastasia Vokhmyakova
Academy of Film, Theatre and Television Acting Student

“Hi Natela, hope you are well! I wanted to say a big thank you for helping me to prepare for my audition :) I've just got an email saying that I've been accepted. Thank you so much. I couldn't have done it without you. The head of acting department said that I delivered a good performance, he really enjoyed it!”

Tania Nassibian
Actress, Singer

“’re an inspiration and a Great teacher. You have taught us an amazing technique.. M.Chekhov was a mind blowing course. I will forever be grateful to you. XXX”

Therese Bean
Actress, Drama Teacher

“Natela is an inspiration. Her unique formula for sharing the gifts of Stanislavski and Chekhov have reinvigorated my own teaching and taken me to a new level in performance skill. Natela’s eyes sparkle with wisdom and she delights in each new journey that she takes her students on. I also have Natela to thank for introducing me to some of my most favourite friendships! Don’t waste any more time… get along to a class now! xx”

Charlotte Passeron
YATI Acting Student

“Hi Natela! :) I hope you are doing well. Sooo I went to London last week for the audition and it went really really well, I had so much fun! I was very relieved and then I got an email in the evening saying that I got accepted!!! I was delighted! Thank you so much for your help!”

Michael Simms
Musical Actor

"Thank you for all your training Natela… all I have to do now is remember the words and the music and then your input brings it all together… you have been such a help to my acting ability, you are a wonderful mentor!”

Joshua Rugiano

“Dear Natela, I just wanted to thank you for tonight. I learned more in tonight’s class than in any other course I have taken. I have really enjoyed the class and I can’t wait until next week. Thankyou :)”

Janiika Miekkala

“Hi Natela, I’ve really loved the course and will definitely do it again! I’ve learned something valuable every time, I wish I’d done this years ago!
I also like the way you teach, it’s always a very open atmosphere at class and you feel you can try things and experiment with the things you’ve learned. It’s not always like that in acting classes, we were just talking about it with the other students that sometimes it’s scary to try anything because some teachers “shoot” you down for it. So yes, you will definitely see me back! :)”

Gerry Harkins
Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama Graduate

“Natela, it’s Gerry here the Scottish guy you where coaching before Christmas. Just to let you know I got into 2 of the 3 colleges I applied for. So thank you for all your help. I have decided on the RSAMD in Glasgow… Many thanks.”

Sigourney Luz

“Thankyou Natela for offering me your knowledge and the experience to be part of your class. Your support was not of a teacher’s but of a friend’s and your style is blatantly unique. I absolutely enjoyed every part of it and sincerely believe that you are one of Sydney’s greatest acting coaches with so much to offer.”

Maria B.

“Referring to Natela as only second to Chekhov and Stanislavski themselves is an understatement. I couldn’t recommend her classes more, especially Chekhov’s class Mechanics of Emotion, Presence and Charisma- it’s real magic, no joke!
Unlike Red bull, she actually gives you wings. it’s true – Natela gives you wingssss!… this slogan is rightfully yours Natela (they stole it of you..) needless to say, you’re one talented genius.. couldn’t have picked a better teacher… this was definitely divine intervention. Thanks a million!!!!”

Ileana Henaway

“If you want to excel in your craft of Acting then Natela is the perfect choice to learn how to make it possible. Natela’s passionate and wise approach to each Technique is not only unique and fun but is full of inspiration in everything she does. I am more then grateful for having the opportunity to study with Natela which not only that have taught me how to discover my hidden acting abilities but she has formed me as a Actor  She is a truly Master of her Craft , and teaching ACTING is her first nature. Acting will become your first nature too and your biggest asset when you learn from The Best - Natela! Learning Acting with Natela is Fun!
Thank you Natela for being Amazing !! Thank you for being a GREAT Teacher and thank you for helping me to navigate into the journey of self discovery as a actor ! You are one of THE BEST and I am so honoured to have the opportunity to study with you. THANK YOU !!”

Nick Dale

“Natela, I really loved the classes and love the technique! Very inspiring and I love how you nurtured each of us to bring out our own unique individuality and created a space for freedom with creativity. :-)”

Amy Jayne Field

“I’m really enjoying NYC and my friends in my course are great. I’m still using the monologue from Dags, I did with you, as part of my repertoire. Everyone loves the monologue of Gillian. It gets loads of laughs everytime. My teacher really wants me to hang onto it. He says that my body is alive in that piece.
All the stuff that I did with you has so paid off and I feel so lucky to have worked with you as I feel like without it I wouldn’t really understand what I was learning here, (as much).”

Mariela Da Silva

“Dear Natela, I’ll be forever grateful to have crossed path with you in my life. All the knowledge and up lifting energies that I have received from you over these past few weeks studying this amazing Michael Chekhov Method will be with me forever, making me more confident and secure to live my life and make my acting career to be amazing, rewarding and fulfilling. I hope to be in touch with you, sharing my journey and my achievements. Again, thank you for not only sharing your knowledge and talent, but also your life experiences, kindness and compassion.”

Lidia Stojanovska

“I don’t want next week to be the last class 😞 i’m absolutely LOVING it.. you’re so talented. it’s unbeleiveable!!! see you monday..”

Paul Miller

“Hi Natela. I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying the classes. None of the other courses, or teachers, I have had have made me feel as excited about acting as I do when I’m driving home after class on Monday nights.”

Don Sahand

“Natela, you’re a great teacher and I have really learned a lot from your classes and I will definitely be using the craft you have provided me with.”

Elijah James

“The classes you hold have inspired great passion and determination in me. You share and encourage such honesty and presence “in the moment”. I bubble with anticipation, awaiting to attend the next class and indeed, the Chekhov course in October. Feeling empowered. Thank you.”

Nadia Pavia

“I think you are an absolutely amazing acting teacher, I am so pleased to be taking your classes, I feel very fortunate as they are making a huge difference to my everyday life as well. I look forward to continuing this journey with you, Natela.”

Maya Tozzi

“Dear Natela, your class yesterday night was amazing! I’m really enjoying your Michael Chekhov Acting Technique! It’s fantastic and you are a fabulous teacher! Your courses are extremely effective! Great! Thank you!”

Tara Jay

“Hi Natela. The Michael Chekhov Acting Technique course was extremely interesting. I have read books and listened to recordings of his but never quite understood the technique until studying it with you. Some of the techniques are very helpful. Especially for me the imaginary centres and the moulding exercise. When I applied it in an audition I got a role. Many thanx.”

Abbey Wong

“I’m in HK right now and came across some happy news – I got my first TV guestie role on EW101! Thought I’d email and thank you for the tuition so far. Look forward to more lessons when I get back into the country!”

Rachel Nader

“Natela, first I just want to thank you for the class I just completed with you, I enjoyed it very much. It taught me many things I hadn’t ever learnt in any other acting class, you are a great teacher and person. Secondly if it is possible, I’d like to be kept updated on any future classes you will be holding. Thank you very much.”

Olga Kornienko

“Dear Natela thank you SO MUCH for the "Creating a Role" course. It was such a fantastic experience. I have learned a lot! I have done all your courses and I just don’t have enough words to express how much I loved them all and how much I am thankful to you.”

Philip Manidis

“I found Natela’s course amazing. I had done a Basic Acting Techniques at NIDA and wanted to do more improvisation. Natela’s course has simple building blocks, which have had breakthrough results for me. I only wanted to improve some skills but have found myself enjoying the acting and becoming more confident each time. The focus is on the acting first with the text later and that is really liberating. I would recommend her course without reservation. It’s the best thing I have ever done!!!”

Gretel Van-Lane

“Dear Natela, thank you so much for the opportunity to learn from you. I have gained much from the classes and I feel it has improved my understanding – of actors and scripts – that my direction and writing has improved.”

Robert Luxford
Actor, Writer

“What I learned in the short space of time was beneficial. The practical exercises were pivotal in learning. I found I learn more by doing it, rather then people just talking at me.”

Geoff Rumble

“Natela, I just wanted to thank you for the Monologue and Audition Techniques course. I actually did the Treplev monologue recently for an audition that I did for a part in an amateur production of the Australian play Dimboola. I got the part and appeared as the character Bayonet. The show was sold out both nights (130 people per night). I would like to do another class in future…”

Gabrielle Warnken

“I joined Natela’s foundation class as an acting course virgin. I was intimidated and petrified but Natela’s natural, reassuring style and my fabulously supportive classmates disarmed my fear and helped me find my confidence. I had an absolute ball learning to analyse and apply the techniques for good acting and will definitely be a returning student.”

Sally Armstrong

“Hey Natela, I just wanted to thank you for the Chekhov weekend, it was so inspiring and reminded me of why I love acting sooo much!”

Joanne Sanders

“I have taken both Natela’s Chekhov and Stanislavsky courses and they have given me a solid base to my acting technique and significant growth in my confidence. What I loved about her classes is that the entire time I was up on my feet exploring the exercises and not just sitting and watching. She gets everyone up and doing and learning. Since starting her classes I have an agent and am working in the industry and going to L.A in April. I am constantly using the Chekhov techniques when I’m warming up and building a character. Her classes were such an inspiration to me.”

Philip de Villiers
Singer, Music Teacher

“Just heard that I got two solo parts in a musical revue made up of the songs from the Baz Luhrman and James Bond films, called “Baz & Bond”! It will be staged end of Oct… My 3 weeks of acting coaching with Natela Dzuliashvili clearly paid off: first time I felt comfortable being in my body all by myself on stage, I didn’t feel exposed at all performing for an imaginary audience.”

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